I am interested in shadows. Something is happening there, something comes into existence in between. Lights get brighter, and the outlines of ideas gradually begin to take shape. My landscape paintings are created in remote, rarely attended areas. My city scenes are dense, yet almost without people. And my portraits aim for depth of character.
I like to have control, order and tranquility, over and within the image. With the picture. And the print.
Working on the image is a decisive step in my work process: because remoteness, lostness and identity must be made photographically comprehensible. In the case of both, landscape and urban motifs, this is most often created by the circumstances in the moment the picture is taken. Individuals, however, need more or at least a different type of space. By modulating shadow and light, I create the appropriate environment for them, their pictorial lifeworld.
This creates sculptural representations of people whose features and postures I bring out through various types of depth of field and through subtle adjustments of tonal values and color nuances. Ultimately, however, the motif determines the closeness and distance that I can take to it. It stretches the boundaries of the creative space within which I can show the beautiful, the dramatic, the captivating - shadows lie behind them, they have always been there.